KGB Reserve - Disposable Sauce Pen 500mg

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The Sauce Pen

Sauce. A French word with latin roots and it means flavor.

KGB Reserve offers a unique sensory experience filled with THC and packed with terpenes. The finest ingredients in the purest form delivers discrete convenience to delight your senses and tantalize your taste buds. 

Guava Cookies - Indica Hybrid - 70% THC

Sour Dub - Sativa - 76% THC

Feel the Flavor

(Disposable Vape Pen)

Reviewed by Forbes Magazine!

"KGB Sauce. This is the kind of the kind. The sauce that is a liquid dab. A dab that you can take with you when mere mortals are puffing on their 510 carts, you have something that they don't have. That's Sauce."

Warren Bobrow