Vive Tabs 100mg

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What's Your Dose? Micro Dose Tabs ranging from 1mg THC to 5mg THC per tab 75-100mg/package -- With natural and organic flavors. 


Micro-dosing mints are the latest Cannabis trend and Purple Line Media designed this packaging for a hot new micro-dosing mint called Vive.


The Vive tablets come in 6 fun flavors with ratios ranging from 1mg to 5mg THC, pure CBD and CBD-ratio options. The goal is to be able to mix and match your ratios to “Find Your Vive”. Purple Line Media designed the packaging to evoke a sense of juicy flavor. We did this with bright watercolor patterns. The diamond shaped shield on the front panel acts as a separator to emphasize the very important ratio information.


The Kraft tube was rather small so we designed an extendable label that pulls out to reveal all the necessary compliance and dosage information which left us with ample real estate to display the beautiful brand imagery.


Along with the packaging, the mints were stamped with Vive’s signature trident symbol. Purple Line Media also created the custom structure and design for the Vive POP Boxes.


Upon launch, the Vive tablets were featured in Culture Magazine and Purple Line Media designed the advertisement that was published in conjunction with the product review.


Vive tablets were also featured in a Green State article about micro-dosing.